A full time Greek translator in London for 28 years

P Mina

A full time Greek translator in London for 28 years but still alive and kicking! Pantelis Mina is certainly the most experienced Greek Translator and Interpreter in the UK!

Pantelis Mina, the Owner of www.ellinika.co.uk, has been a full time Greek Translator/Interpreter in London, under the name Ellinika Greek Language Services, later changed to Ellinika Greek Translators & Interpreters, for more than 28 years.

To be precise, he has 32 years of continuous experience (since 1981) including 28 years in a full-time capacity (since 1985) as a self-employed Legal and General Greek Translator/Interpreter.

As a student in Athens, in the 60′s, Pantelis Mina started his career working as a Greek Translator/Interpreter for a political organisation and as a Translator/Journalist for a daily newspaper.

If you read through the long list of our Greek Language related services you will be able to appreciate the wealth and diversity of our skills and experience. We provide the true translation, in any subject, at the right time.